Datasets on American Cities

Here are four datasets that contain city-level data on crime, income, poverty, education, race, and mayoral party affiliation of U.S. cities. These datasets draw on data from the Census’s American Communities Survey (ACS) and the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report (UCR).

The first dataset contains 2014 data on ~300 U.S. cities with the following variables: city name, total population, percent of 24-35 year olds with a high school diploma or Bachelor’s degree, median income, poverty rate, racial makeup, and violent crime rate.

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Reanalysis of Sabrina Vieira Lima’s Data – with Updated Data

In my post Has Feminism Made Women Happier? A Comprehensive Review I summarized the results of several studies on the cross-country and regional association between feminism and female life satisfaction. One of the studies was a study published in 2011 by Sabrina Vieira Lima. I found that study through the citations of another study that I also used in the article. The citations was a URL, but has since gone dead. Thankfully, I saved the Vieira Lima study as a .pdf, because there doesn’t seem to be another copy of the study available online. So I’ve reupoloaded the study onto Scribd and it can be found here.

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High Black Populations – Not Democratic Mayors – Explain Poverty and Crime in Large American Cities

Conservatives have made the argument that large American cities with high crime and high poverty rates (such as Detroit or Chicago) are suffering from the effects of rule by Democratic mayors. This argument will be tested against the hypothesis that it is, in fact, large black populations that are the cause of high crime and poverty in large American cities rather than their Democratic mayors. To do this, several regression analyses are run that compare how well outcomes such as poverty and crime are predicted by a city’s black population versus the party affiliation of its mayor. Results strongly favour the argument that large black populations, and not Democratic mayors, are a feature of high crime and high poverty cities.

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